Economics has been defined as the “social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.” Truthfully, though, economics is much more than that – it’s the backbone of the entire modern world and drives everything from business to technology, from healthcare to education.

Anyone interested in this diverse field should do more than simply read books on the subject. Staying updated with current theories, ideas, trends, and news both in the United States and abroad is critical to being successful as a student and professional economist. The best way to do that is through the web.

EconomicsDegree.Net compiled the following sites, which are 100 of the best sites in the field. Listed in no specific order, these sites are a must-see for anyone who wants to be considered a quality, “enlightened” economist. Sites were selected based on a variety of factors including readership size, update frequency, information quality, and other awards received.


The following sites didn’t exactly fit into our other categories, but still offer much to anyone wanting to learn more about economics. Browsing these sites could make even the most fiscally ignorant person think about economics in a more informed way.

  1. The Economic Collapse

    This blog is a good resource for people who believe that our economics are on an unstoppable collision course with disaster. In addition to worrying about economic analysis, this site has resources for hard currency buying and information about how to prep for a world post economic collapse.

  2. Neighborhood Effects

    Originally conceived as a micro look at the economics of small communities and neighborhoods, this blog has now widened its focus to world communities and systems.

  3. Economics for Teachers

    This blog, written by an economics professor, approaches economics with the view that the world would be better if everyone knew more about economics from an earlier age. It addresses how to teach economics to all ages and stages.

  4. Welker’s Wikinomics – Economics in Plain English

    This blog is a discussion area for contemporary economics issues. While aimed at an audience of economics teachers and students, the content is generally accessible for anyone with an interest in economics generally.

  5. The Simple Dollar

    This blog accurately bills itself as “financial talk for the rest of us.” In very clear, comprehensible language it talks about financial issues in everyday life.

  6. Scottish Economy Watch

    This is a resolutely regional economics blog focused on the Scottish economy. Well written with ample details and analysis, it is a fine example of how to write interestingly and intelligently about smaller-scale economic issues.

  7. MacroMania

    This slickly designed blog is a great resource for anyone interested in macroeconomics or fed policy. Because it is written by a Canadian working for the United States Federal Reserve, it serves up both an insider and outsiders view on issues.

  8. Capital Gains and Games

    This blog examines how economics and politics speak with and past one another. Its analyses are detailed but extraordinarily readable and will leave any reader feeling more knowledgeable about how and why interactions between Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue work out as they do.

  9. Cheap Talk

    Written by two professors, this blog primarily tackles economic issues, but also addresses politics and other eclectic interests of the writers. Always insightful and interesting, this blog is good for readers looking to learn, but not necessarily about any one thing.

  10. Next New Deal

    This politically inflected blog examines economic issues regarding financial reform, unemployment and inequality. Easy on the eyes and full of timely and interesting writing, this blog promotes a progressive vision of the economy.

  11. The Economist – Democracy in America

    This blog, which is part of the venerable Economist brand, focuses on the politics and policy of American democracy. Though primarily politically focused, this is ultimately where the rubber meets the road between economics and politics.

  12. The Bonddad Blog

    This is a wonky but fascinating take on economics both past and present. The author, who is a self-described “new deal democrat,” is looking to history since the 50s to better understand the economy today.

  13. Macnomics

    This is a course blog for a high school economics class in Canada. Though clearly aimed at a younger audience, it contains a wealth of knowledge for people looking for an entry point into economics and economic thinking.

  14. Freakonomics Blog

    The Freakonomics blog, by authors of the popular Freakonomics books and a radio show of the same name, is about as “pop” as economics writing gets. Interesting, entertaining, with plenty of links to good resources, this is a must read for anyone interested in economics.

  15. On the Economy

    Written by a member of the Obama economics team, this blog takes and explicitly political view of economic and policy issues. Persuasively and understandably written, this is an eloquent voice for the left wing of economics.

  16. EclectEcon

    This economics blog, written by a professor of economics in Ontario, Canada, focuses on the politics and economics of Canada. While it primarily examines Canadian economics, it does also address global and American economics.

  17. A Fine Theorem

    This blog examines recent academic economic work, with a focus on innovation, micro theory, and philosophy/methodology. Though it expects some background economics knowledge, it uses understandable language to explain these studies and explore their implications and drawbacks.

  18. Center for Economic and Policy Research

    This site brings together a large number of threads and ideas related to modern economic and policy ideas from around the world. It presents, in an easy to navigate format, articles, opinion pieces, and news.

  19. Economonitor

    Economonitor aggregates and publishes large quantity of economic and financial news and thinking from around the world. With incisive analysis and content, this site is required reading for people taking a wide view of macroeconomics and policy.

  20. Inomics Blog

    This blog approaches economics through meta-analysis, looking at the state of the economics field. This is a great food-for-thought resource for students and people getting into economics for the first time, or simply people interested in the state of the field.

  21. The Foundry

    This blog, a part of the conservative Heritage Foundation think-tank, approaches current economics and policy from a right-wing perspective. It is a go-to source of conservative economic thought, whether you agree with their political orientation or are looking for opposing thinking to sharpen a contrary analysis.

  22. MISH’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

    This blog, written by an investment advisor makes macroeconomic predictions based on current trends. It contains weekly analysis from a conservative economic standpoint.

  23. The Oregon Economics Blog

    This blog, produced by Oregon State University, provides and analyzes economic and financial news related to the state of Oregon. This tightly focused blog provides a window into a subset of the wider economy that is useful to readers interested in Oregon, or simply in gaining more detailed information about one part of the economy.

  24. Marginal Revolution

    This blog, written by two economics professors from George Mason University, takes a wide-angle look at economics and its cultural impact. It is fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in real world implications of economics.

  25. International Political Economy at the University of North Carolina

    This blog, written by professors and graduate students at the University of North Carolina examines politics and policy. Because it is more politically focused than most economics-related blogs, it is more interested in process than most, but is no less rigorous or academic for its emphasis.

  26. The Economic Analyst

    This well designed and produced Canadian-focused blog provides insight into a economy with less visibility than the American Economy. It tends to focus on real-estate news and analysis.

  27. Au Courant

    A blog with a uniquely academic focus, this blog analyzes developments in economics, public policy, and library technology and trends. No less quality for its emphasis, this blog provides information for people involved in academia in many fields who may also be interested in economics.

  28. Market Economics

    Market Economics is a blog that seeks to provide analysis of economic and market conditions by taking account of surrounding political economy and economic issues. Well formulated and articulated, this blog is great for people looking to expand their consideration of market economies.

  29. The Intelligent Economist

    This is a blog that recognizes that intelligent economists aren’t simply good at making models, but also at explaining their ideas. It is a fantastic starting place for people looking to better understand markets, and economic theory.

  30. The Conscience of a Liberal

    This blog, written by Nobel Prize winner and political firebrand Paul Krugman, is required reading for people on both sides of the political aisle. Stridently and clearly written, Krugman is the voice of an entire liberal economic worldview.

  31. Donald Marron

    This blog, written by retired public servant and adviser to the Obama administration, shares musings on Economics, finance, and general life issues. It serves as a well-written and easily understandable take on the economic and policy issues of the day.

  32. UConn Econ Blog

    The UConn Econ Blog is focused on the happenings in the UConn economics department, and on economic events in Connecticut. While more focused on campus and faculty news than general economic analysis, it does provide links and analysis by some influential economists working at the university.

  33. Lawrence University

    This university blog provides information about events and articles produced by the Lawrence faculty. In addition to the university-specific news and information, the blog presents a number of interesting and accessible analyses on economic systems and topics.

  34. The Pin Factory Blog

    This Adam Smith Institute blog, produced by the United Kingdom version of the Cato Institute, publishes libertarian economic analysis focused on the British economy. Promoting a distinctly British form of privatization and free market ideas, this blog provides analysis on the economy across the pond.

  35. The Centre for the Study of African Economies Blog

    The Centre for the Study of African Economies, run from Oxford University, provides unique analysis and thinking regarding African Economies which receive less attention than many other parts of the world. This academic blog will broaden the horizons and provide unique information to any reader.

  36. Economists Do It With Models

    Despite its risque name, this blog provides thoughtful content in a humorous, informal package. Once you get past the “graphic content” in the blog’s top banner, you will find yourself engaged by the insightful economic ideas.

  37. cfed

    This site, produced by the Corporation for Enterprise Development, works to bring the latest understanding of behavioral economics and finance to empower low- to moderate-income homes to improve their economic assets. It contains a wealth of information for people looking to have an impact on poverty.

  38. NPR’s Planet Money Blog

    Similar to the Freakonomics blog, Planet money works to add narrative and cultural context to economic ideas and stories. A compelling look at the power of economics in daily life, this blog is essential whether you are an arm-chair economist, or a professor of economics and finance.

  39. Captain Capitalism

    These “rantings and tirades of a frustrated economist” present a comical and consistently conservative take on the economy. Though not always displaying the most rigorous analysis, it is sure to raise a chuckle for those who enjoy a good rant.

  40. The Radical Subjectivist

    A modern take on the Austrian school of economics (Hayek and his successors), this blog analyses some of the bigger economic philosophies being debated today. The posts are detailed and extensive.

  41. Economic Thought

    This blog approaches economics from an Austrian/Libertarian perspective, but nevertheless attempts to bring in heterodox views on policy and economic issues. The site is frequently updated and will provide food for thought regardless of one’s political or economic leanings.

  42. Institutional Economics

    This Australian economics blog examines how the Australian economy functions, and how its institutional systems functions. Far from being insular, the blog does an exceptional job of providing context and comparison with economic systems from around the world.


    This blog has a clear emphasis on assessing how health care and economics intersect and affect one another. It is also intended as a place for people with interest and expertise in health economics to share information with one another.

  44. Vox

    This European site acts as a portal to unique, professional and academic opinions on economics. A diverse, but fascinating array of analysis on economic issues from around the world.

  45. Environmental Economics

    This blog aims to look at more of the microeconomic ideas that can be used toward environmental ends. Bringing to bear a large quantity of external sources and articles, this blog presents a clear vision of what economic environmentalism can be.

  46. A Dash of Insight

    Unlike the vast majority of the economics and finance blogs on the internet, this blog presents a hands-on approach to thinking about trading and investing. While the content is no less dense and detailed, the result is a applicable advice for the savvy investor.

  47. Economic Policy Institute

    This site, covering both politics and economics, attempts to address economic prosperity in a broad way, including low- and middle-income people in a conversation that frequently ignores them.

  48. This Young Economist

    This Young Economist presents the (generally left-leaning) economic insights of grad student of economics. In addition to his microeconomic analysis, he presents an incredibly useful list of educational videos on a wide variety on economic topics.

  49. Global Economy Matters

    This blog examines and analyzes economic issues that are rarely, if ever, mentioned elsewhere. His posts are extremely detailed and can make a reader an expert in an issue that they have never before encountered.

  50. Global Economic Watch

    This blog calls itself the “global economic resource center,” and provides analysis on some of the most important macroeconomic trends and econo-political news items.

  51. The Economic Freedom Blog

    Sponsored by the Libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute, this blog presents both scholarly and lay-person takes on how economic freedom and free-market ideology can improve the world.

  52. Crossing Wall Street

    This blog is written by an investor who “loves the stock market.” On this site he provides financial advice with the philosophy that the best way to make money is to buy and hold stocks, rather than rapidly buying and selling for a quick buck.

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Economists are, by definition, professionals in this social science discipline. Having gone through the rigors of an economics education, and now working and writing about the subject full time gives the following sites plenty of authority.These economists are simply the best in their field, and the quality of their sites underscores this.

  1. Cato Unbound

    Cato Unbound is a monthly online magazine put out by the libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute. Each month it covers large economic and policy topics with a lead essay and response essays.

  2. Alpha.Sources

    Alpha Sources is an economics and finance blog dedicated to exploring the implications of current events and ideas. The posts go into a great deal of detail for readers looking for depth of information and analysis.

  3. Newmark’s Door

    This blog posts interesting articles and tidbits with short explanations. Brief and to the point, these links are varied enough to supply something interesting to nearly any reader.

  4. Environmental and Urban Economics

    This site accurately bills itself as a blog that addresses environmental and urban issues from an environmental perspective. Clean and polished, this blog will appeal to economically inclined environmentalists, or vice-versa.

  5. Greg Mankiw

    This site is a popular and eminently readable economics blog about contemporary economic and political issues. The author, a Harvard economics professor is best known for his role as an economics advisor in the Bush Administration and the Romney Campaign.

  6. Dani Rodrik’s Weblog

    This blog economic blog looks at issues of global development in detail. It has a strong, though not exclusive emphasis on examining globalized economies around the world.

  7. Cafe Hayek

    This blog brings you your daily dose of the Chicago School (Hayek) of Economics. Both quoting from economic texts and writing original posts about today’s issues, it argues against a Keynesian view of economics in our economic and governmental systems.

  8. Dollars and Sense

    This site is a readable and in-depth approach to contemporary economic issues. It is well written and researched, and brings a left-wing activist approach to the business of modern economics.

  9. Economic Logic

    This blog takes an economic view of a wide variety of issues that are frequently framed in other ways, from environmentalism to family life. Its posts are generally short and digestible for readers who aren’t in the mood to wade into a dense, academic-style article.

  10. New Economist

    Written by an economist in London, this blog looks at economic events and issues with an eye toward European and British contexts. In addition to being very in-depth, it also frequently draws on historical context and past views of economics.

  11. Economist’s View

    This blog, written by a professor of Economics at the University of Oregon, tackles economic and policy news and works to correct what the author views as distortion and misunderstanding. It is detailed, forcefully argued, and strongly opinionated.

  12. Economic Populist

    A curated forum for people of all stripes to post their views on modern economics’ effects on average people. While it maintains an anti-partisan tone, it trends toward a populist strain of economics.

  13. Economics International Blog

    This blog looks at issues of international economics and finance with an informal and humorous tone. This is a good place to start for people looking to expand their interest and knowledge of economics.

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Economics Professors

Those who teach the principals and nuances of economics naturally know the field inside and out. The following sites are maintained by economics professors and offer a wealth of information useful to professionals, and especially students.

  1. Econbrowser

    This blog, written by two professors, bills itself as analysis of current economic conditions and policy. It takes both a popular and academic view of the macro and micro sides of economics today.

  2. The Everyday Economist

    As indicated by the title, this blog is a very readable and understandable take on some of the larger economic debates of the day. Written by an professor, it tackles both trends and policies.

  3. Knowledge Problem

    Two professors come together on this website to explore specific and timely issues, from a Google Anti-Trust case to trends in Wind energy. Though it covers many topics, Knowledge Problem tends to focus on issues related to energy.

  4. Ideas

    A blog with the eclectic but fascinating ideas of an “academic economist who teaches at law school and has never taken a course for credit in either field.” This site is a great, informative read, but does not have a specialized focus.

  5. Brad Delong

    This blog by a University of California at Berkeley professor is a mix of political and economic posts from an explicitly left-wing perspective. The posts are well written and amusing, but will likely alienate more conservative readers.

  6. Econometrics Beat

    This is a high-quality blog with a strong econometrics focus. The posts are jam-packed with information and ideas, and are clearly intended for readers with a background in statistics or econometrics.

  7. Randall Parker’s Completely Serious/Sometimes Funny/Bash-Free Macroeconomics Blog

    This blog by an East Carolina University in Greenville professor is a mix of political and economic posts from an explicitly right-wing perspective. The posts tend to be more external links to articles and opinion pieces.

  8. Econ Tidbits

    Econ Tidbits is an eclectic but insightful blog on a variety of (mainly) economics topics. The author is a professor in Austria, and so naturally has more Austrian, and more international focus than many other economics websites.

  9. James Kwak

    This blog is the personal blog of an economist and law professor. He writes on a large range of topics — personal, and economic, and legal – and weaves them into a unified whole that conveys his philosophy of economics and law.

  10. Truth on the Market

    Truth on the Market is a blog written by a group of professors that addresses the areas where law, business, and economics come together. While its content is frequently academic, it contains a range of content to interest diverse audiences.

  11. The Becker Posner Blog

    This fascinating blog documents ongoing back-and-forth conversations between Economist Gary Becker and Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner. It contains in depth analyses of economic, political, and legal issues of the day by both men.

  12. Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem is a professor of economics and finance’s well written and polished take on economic and policy issues of the day. The blog is a part of the conservative think-tank American Enterprise institute and reflects a conservative perspective.

  13. Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal

    This unique blog by a University of Michigan economics professor applies market-driven and supply-side ideas to issues normally dominated by liberal activists. The result is a fascinating and well-written site that will challenge the assumptions of nearly any reader.

  14. New Monetarist Economics

    This blog is a very in depth look at modern monetary policy and economics, as well as more general economic news and issues. New Monetarist Economics is a polished blog written for people with a strong background in economics and monetary policy.

  15. Supply and Demand (In That Order)

    Supply and demand is dedicated to using some of the basic tools of economics to examine labor economics, fiscal policy and industrial organization.

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Global Economics

No country is truly an island, in an economic sense. The economies of the world are all interconnected, and understanding this can make you a much better economist. The following sites focus on global economic affairs. Seeing the big picture is the mark of true enlightenment.

  1. The Circle Bastiat

    This blog is an Austrian economic blog connected to the Mises Institute. It presents extensive economic libertarian arguments against Federal Reserve Policy.

  2. Clear and Present Danger

    This explicitly populist and left-leaning economic blog responds to political and economic news and topics. In addition to its analysis, the site contains a clearly humorous tone, with its oddly feudal theming and all of its posts beginning with “Barry, My Liege.”

  3. Global Economic Intersection

    Global Economic Intersection focuses on the economic effects on finance, investing, social interactions, and politics / public policy. It features original & syndicated economic commentary, debate, and analysis – and a nightly newsletter.

  4. Chris Blattman

    This blog contains the economic, political, and international development insights of a professor of Political science and International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He examines a number of economic statistics and cultural trends to examine poverty and political participation.

  5. World Political Economy

    Naturally, World Political Economy examines issues of politics and economics around the world, though its home base is clearly the United States. It presents quick analysis on varied political and economic issues and attempts to maintain some level of political objectivity despite injecting the posts with the writers’ opinions.

  6. International Corporate Governance

    This blog takes the unique stance of examining corporate governance from around the world. It publishes posts examining specific countries and how their corporate governance rules affect their business and economies.

  7. International Political Economy Zone

    International Political Economy Zone is a blog which revels in the idea of creative destruction. It examines the world with an interdisciplinary fusion of economics, politics, and other social sciences to try to get to the bottom of what is actually happening in the business world.

  8. beyondbrics

    This blog examines how various emerging markets around the world are performing from day to day. With news and analysis, this is a great resource for those interested or investing in emerging markets.


    Global Economics and Structures addresses the topics you would expect, but with style and panache. This blog offers global economic forecasting and analysis with a sense of irony, humor, and more than a bit of solid analytical reasoning.

  10. The Portuguese Economy

    This blog, written by a small army of Portuguese contributors, attempts to analyze, diagnose and prognosticate on the troubled Portuguese Economy. It looks at factors both within and without Portugal’s economy in its analysis.

  11. Emergent Economics

    Emergent Economics uses the author’s expertise as a consultant for the United Nations to examine the development of emerging economies. In doing so, it examines the trends in both the emerging economies, and the larger, established ones to come to its conclusions.

  12. Collaborative Consumption

    Collaborative Consumption is a site dedicated to explaining its ideas about how the new economy empowers old economic practices. It looks at how technology and globalization make communal living more possible and convenient.

  13. International Economic Law and Policy Blog

    This blog offers a unique view on international economic law and policy. It hosts relevant, scholarly developments in the area as well as providing a forum for readers to discuss and challenge the ideas presented in the articles.

  14. The Big Picture

    The Big Picture presents and analyzes the latest economic news and analysis in incredible detail. It specifically tries to present as much relevant information and facts to present the most data-driven picture of the economy possible.

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Business & Investments

Business and investment are two very important pillars of any economy. The following sites offer plenty of useful information about both.

  1. 10Q Detective

    Written by an equity analyst, this blog does the detective work on dry SEC filings so you don’t have to. He makes investment news interesting and understandable with posts that are concise and frequently lead to other stories for follow up.

  2. Calculated RISK

    Calculated RISK is a blog that collects relevant information about the economy and presents it in one place, frequently in end of week summaries. It provides both data and analysis on recent events.

  3. Infectious Greed

    This site is a rolling list of relevant articles and news stories about business and business culture. By bringing these stories together in one place, the author helps you keep on top of news and information without hunting it down yourself.

  4. CommodiNews

    As suggested by the name, this site keeps you up-to-date on the latest commodity news. An invaluable source of information for anyone involved or investing in commodities markets.

  5. Abnormal Returns

    This site presents a diverse set of information points and external links about the state of economics and investments. It strives to present useful and interesting information without giving any forecasts of the future.

  6. Inside Futures

    Inside Futures is a site absolutely packed with useful information and analysis about the futures and commodities markets. A go-to resource for people interested in or working with futures markets.

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