Career Paths and Possibilities with an Economics Degree

An economics degree can lead to any number of careers. You can apply this degree in a number of industries, including business, law, health, education, non-profit, government, science, and even religion. Almost everything is tied to the government, meaning that economic degree students have tons of career path choices when graduating. Let’s take a look at a few of your options.


One of the most common fields for those interested in economics is consulting. In this type of career, you’ll work in your selected industry to help others learn how economics play a role in their business. You can work for an economics consulting firm, which is a great option as an entry-level economics consultant, or you can work as part of the finance department for a business.


Many economics students go on attend law school. This adds several years onto your education, but the advantage is a much higher salary as a lawyer or even a judge when you graduate. You background in economics is perfect for law specializations involving finance and business, such as tax law.


As in most fields, you can also use your economics degree to go into teaching. In order to become a profession at a college, you’ll need at least a master’s degree, though top colleges only accept professors who have at least a doctorate. You can also teach high school or do academic research in the economics field if you’re interested in both economics and education.


Slightly different from normal businesses, government departments (like the Economics and Statistics Administration) and non-profits have their own challenges when it comes to economics. Most have staff economists rather than working with consulting firms. This is a great career option if you enjoy analyzing the current markets and stats, and an understanding of the law is helpful in this field as well.

Other Fields

In addition to the career paths listed above, you can also use your economics degree as a jumping off point for any number of other jobs in a wide variety of fields. Many economy students go on to earn a master’s degree in the field that they enjoy best. You can consider degrees in accounting and finance, business, project management, public policy, and more.

Guide to 110+ Accredited Economics Degrees

Ashford University . Ashford University's MBA in Business Economics program is a specialty degree that expands on the traditional MBA to offer students an advanced exploration into analysis of business economics, markets, trends, and projections of the economy. Courses reinforce the relationship between economics and finance. Graduates work as economic analysts, strategists, and consultants. Ashford University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-748-9001,
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Grand Canyon University . Some of the most sought after business degrees are in Finance & Economics and Accounting. Grand Canyon University offers bachelor's degrees in both of these fields and is widely respected for their outstanding faculty. This school also offers an MBA in Accounting which provides the framework for critical decision making key to the success of top managers.
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Liberty University . Liberty University Online gives you the flexibility of earning degrees in prominent business areas with the flexibility of learning online. The degree offerings include a BS in Business Economics, an AA in Accounting, and BS in Accounting. These programs teach you vital functions necessary for corporate positions within companies allowing you to record and interpret company financial data.
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Kaplan University . Kaplan University has two exciting programs offered in Finance which are the bachelor's degree and MBA. The bachelor's degree teaches you the fundamental to make effective capital management decisions for a company while the MBA teaches you the skills necessary for critical decision making necessary for upper management. Kaplan also offers an AAS or BS in Accounting which teaches students how to properly record company transactions.
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