You Demand, We Supply: Top 30 Blogs to Help You Learn Economics

May 24, 2011 Economics Education

Everyone is concerned about economics from those just looking to secure a little retirement money to those who are charged with billions of dollars in capital and its growth. However, even those with degrees in economics can still be confused and offer expert opinions of varying viewpoints. With so many experts arguing so many different angles, it is impossible for some of them not to be wrong, if not all of them.

The best remedy to all this confusion is to take matters into your own hands. Below, we have gathered the top 30 blogs to help you learn economics. They can help teach you everything from supply and demand to how global crisis can affect earnings at home.

Top Blogs to Help You Learn Economics by a Professor

You don’t need to have a degree or even be in the process of earning one to get top notch economics information from those who teach it for a living.

  1. Carpe Diem
    Click here for Professor Mark J. Perry’s leading blog on economics and finance. He is a professor of economics and finance in the School of Management at the Flint campus of the University of Michigan. He recently blogged on the U.S. tax system, compared it to others around the world, and even included a detailed graph.
  2. Greg Mankiw’s Blog
    Get random observations for students of economics in this blog. Greg is a professor of economics at Harvard University and teaches at the introductory level, making the blog a stand out choice for everyone. He often includes news, current events, and other items from an economics point of view.
  3. Reviving Economics
    Garth Brazelton works for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and teaches macroeconomics at Indiana University. His blog is an attempt to dismantle the ivory tower and revive the social science of economics. One of the latest posts was on how meaningless job statistics are.
  4. Freakonomics
    How can economics affect everything right down to dancing? Check out this blog by Steven D. Levitt, economist at the University of Chicago, and Stephen J. Dubner, an author and journalist, to find out. They specialize in looking at the unintended applications of economics.
  5. Econbrowser
    Get another group blog on economics with a visit here. James D. Hamilton is Professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego, and Menzie Chinn is Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Together, they provide analysis of current economic conditions and policy.
  6. Marginal Revolution
    In addition to being economics professors at George Mason University, Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen are also authors of many books such as “Create Your Own Economy.” Their blog is intended as a way to take small steps towards a better world. With over 1,300 entries on current affairs alone, they take on economics at all levels.
  7. Economist’s View
    Mark Thoma is a professor of economics at the University of Oregon. He can often post more than once a day with loads of thoughts on the economic front. Top posts include “Revealed Preference” and “Paul Krugman: The Forgotten Millions.”
  8. Truth on the Market
    This group of law professors and/or economists teach and write in the business law area, including corporate law/corporate governance. The blog is also a source of academic commentary on law, business, economics, and how they all combine. Topics can be on anything from credit cards to mergers.

Top Blogs to Help You Learn Economics by a Professional

Although there are loads of economist and economics blogs out there, the below are some of the best for those who want to learn more about it.

  1. Bob McTeer’s Economic Policy Blog
    Bob McTeer is a Distinguished Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, covering macroeconomic issues, including monetary policy, fiscal policy, tax, and education policy. His blog shares news and insights on categories ranging from digressions and musings to testimony.
  2. Infectious Greed
    Dr. Paul Kedrosky is an investor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. After finding success on the then new medium of the internet, he began this blog on finance and the money culture. Some of the latest stories are on the Harvard MBA and Wall Street, the case for journalist entrepreneurs, and loads of recommendations.
  3. Newmark’s Door
    Craig Newmark is a husband, father, and enjoys a healthy blogging practice. It focuses on the “things one middle aged economist finds interesting.” Current items include the battle between banks and business, the Heritage Health Prize, and being too big to fail.
  4. Economists do it With Models
    The Jodi Beggs’ goal is to “trick people into learning stuff and entertain them in the process,” mostly in economics. You can check out the blog for regular entries and even an Econ 101 section. With posts on everything from an open letter to Jon Stewart to a graph on Lady Gaga, she is well worth the look.
  5. Calafia Beach Pundit
    Before authoring this blog, Scott Grannis was the Chief Economist at Western Asset Management, a Pasadena-based, global manager of fixed-income portfolios for institutional clients. His blog stands out for often including graphs of items such as U.S. household financial burdens. Expert analysis often accompanies graphs for a better understanding.
  6. Calculated Risk
    Although his blogging partner passed away, Bill McBride keeps it going and has since 2005. Now retired, he was a senior executive from a small public company. His blog focuses on finance and economics and is a leading choice for many in the blogosphere.
  7. Footnoted
    We’ve all heard that corporations have long been using loopholes to get out of paying their due, but this economics blog makes that their focus. Since 2003, they have been taking a closer look at the things that companies try to bury in their routine SEC filings. Some of the recent posts are on Bristol-Myers Squibb and Cigna.
  8. Café Hayek
    Don Boudreaux and others come together to author this leading blog. They address everything from agriculture to what is wrong with the country. They even have written books with titles such as “The Price of Everything,” “The Choice,” and “The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance.”
  9. Kudlow’s Money Politics
    If you’ve ever been flipping through channels and stopped on CNBC, chances are Larry Kudlow was on. In addition to being part of their lineup, he was also a former economic advisor for the Reagan administration. Check out the blog to get his latest thoughts on the economy.

Top Blogs to Help You Learn Economics by a Student

These students of economics share what they learn as they learn it in the below blogs.

  1. Alpha. Sources. CV
    Claus Vistesen is 26 years old and recently graduated as from the Copenhagen Business School. Because he loves education so much, he is now currently doing a second graduate degree in Economics at Hull University in the U.K. He often takes on economics items in the news, which currently includes Japan.
  2. Aplia Econ Blog
    Get news specifically for economics students here. It is also a place to explore current events that relate to the studies and include the global economic crisis, technology, and much more. A recent post was on name brands vs. off-brands.
  3. Ideas
    How do you become an academic economist at a law school without taking a single credit course on either? David Friedman of California knows the answer and has published several books in addition. Be sure not to miss the free chapter from “The Machinery of Freedom,” which examines what a society without government would look like.
  4. China Economics Blog
    Get a place to find news, observations, statistics, and information on undergraduate (BSc and BA economics) and postgraduate (MSc economics) academics. Important issues for China’s economy including growth, inequality, stock market, shares, exchange rates, the environment, foreign direct investment, WTO, and much more are all shared. The blog is also dedicated to sharing the rapidly growing Chinese economy and its implications.
  5. UCLA Economics Blog
    Get a blog just for the students of economics at UCLA here. In addition to learning more about the programs offered, you can also learn what they are learning with a read. It is also a good stop for those interested in seeking an education in economics.

Top Blogs to Help You Learn International Economics

Because economics doesn’t happen just in the United States, check out these blogs.

  1. Economics in Plain English
    Jason Welker is a professor at Zurich International School in Switzerland, where he teaches Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Economics. He uses the blog to clearly communicate economic principles to readers, referencing current news events, with the purpose of making the study of economics relevant, entertaining, and interesting at the same time. There is even an introduction to economics with loads of chapters from scarcity to rational behavior.
  2. Eclect Econ
    John P. Palmer is a professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He believes that economists and those in their mid-life crisis have much in common: they both dwell on foregone opportunities. With that in mind, he shares insight on economics items in the news that can otherwise confuse more than educate.
  3. Economics Help
    Tejvan R. Pettinger lives in Oxford where he works as an economics teacher. The goal of his blog is to help simplify economics for everyone. One of the recent topics of conversation was macroeconomic controversies.
  4. Global Economy Matters
    Although Edward Hugh has many other economics blogs, this is a must visit. It includes a look at the global economy and discusses both well-known economics countries as well as the up and coming. You can also find tons of information on emerging markets.
  5. The Price of Everything
    Tim Price is Director of Investment at PFP Wealth Management in London. A graduate of Oxford University, he has over 20 years of experience in economics. His blog is intended “to spark an informed debate about investment markets, value, and absolute returns.“
  6. Mises Economics Blog
    Visit here for the official blog of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. It was founded in 1982 as a research and educational center of classical liberalism, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of economics. There are hours of audio and video on economics, as well as regularly updated posts on the topic.
  7. A Fistful of Euros
    Because the Euro can mean different things and have different values at different times, check out this blog. Its purpose is to provide a venue for informed commentary on European politics and culture from a pan-European perspective. Fifteen members contribute from nine different countries.
  8. Japan Economy Watch
    Get an analysis of Japan’s economic crisis and aging population problem on this blog. Edward Hugh also has a page where readers can stop by to get links, comments, debate, and more. There are also links to other blogs on the Asian economy.

And the above top 30 blogs to help you learn economics are just the beginning. With the world changing and the economy along with it, learning more about economics can be not only profitable but necessary.